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DRAMA INSIDE CHANEL Metiers d’Art week in Dallas by Fashionistas Founder Heidi Dillon! SWAGG Magazine Exclusive.

Stanley Marcus with Gabrielle Chanel

Once upon a time in the West Coco Chanel came to Dallas.  Stanley Marcus gave her an award and then the way that wealthy women in those parts dressed was changed forever.

This week marked the triumphant return of Mademoiselle Chanel as Karl Lagerfeld and his entourage descended upon Dallas to showcase the houses’ Metiers d’Art collection. Like all epic events, this one had a Texas-sized share of excitement, glamor, intrigue and, of course, loads of drama.

Several weeks before the official invitations were hand delivered to a select few locals luminaries, rumors began to circulate about who made the cut.  The fur was flying as names leaked out. Heated discussions about who was worthy of an invitation and who was not ensued. Even those who were invited took to debating the worthiness of their fellow invitees.  The way it actually worked was that our local Chanel store and Neiman’s submitted lists to Paris but the final decisions were made by the Chanel’s PR folks.  No amount of money, begging, bartering, pleading or threatening could conjure up a ticket if you weren’t on the final list.  This wasn’t, after all, a “Dallas” event, per se.  It was an international event, for press, retailers and the houses’ Haute Couture clients, that happened to use Dallas as it’s stage.  

It probably strikes most people as strange that Lagerfeld chose Dallas as this year’s venue, but he did so for several reasons.  First, while the French press was highly critical of Chanel when she reopened her atelier after a 15 year hiatus, she was warmly received by Stanley Marcus and the American press. Secondly, Dallas has a very strong identity that resonates with people all over the world.  While we may feel that it is time to move on from being perceived of as the wild west, that iconic type of imagery is steeped in history and strong visual references that are the fodder for many a creative endeavor in film, art, music and fashion. Most cities in the United States are working hard to become more culturally sophisticated and Dallas is certainly a stellar example of that sort of progress.  However, shining new buildings and beautifully designed cultural venues are not the stuff of fantastical creations.

The evening before the big show, the Dallas Contemporary hosted a cocktail soirée for out-of-town guests and locals.  Never in my life have I seen so much Chanel in one room.  I dragged my husband along who detests those sorts of things and after we left he asked me, “what was the point?”  It was actually a good question because after all these years I am still not sure what drives me to get dolled up to go stand around a in a room sipping a glass of cheap wine.  In this case, however, people watching was pretty spectacular as the crowd consisted of stylish types from all over the world.  The main event here was clearly critiquing everyone’s outfit. There were other goings-on over at the Joule and Mansion where Lagerfeld, et al were ensconced, but you had to be a true fashion insider like my friend Tina Craig (aka, Bag Snob) to gain entree to those parties.

Heidi and Bill Dillon at the Dallas Contemporary CHANEL cocktail soirée

Dallas, fortunately, lacks paparazzi, so, given the magnitude of this event and the amount of celebrities in attendance, it was a bit unusual not to be blinded by flash bulbs upon entering.  The invitation stated that attire was “After 8″.  I thought I knew what that meant, but a bit of cognitive dissonance kicked in when I put that together with the fact that the event was being held at Fair Park. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was confused because the outfits were all over the map.  Lauren Hutton walked in unnoticed right behind me.

The floor of the cocktail reception area was covered in bird seed.  I was wearing 6″heels.  My 16 year-old son Dallas was my date and was all swagged out in a Prada coat and Dior suit.  (He’s a total fashion whore like his mom).  We had a good time chatting with F!D Luxe editor Rob Brinkley and milling about the American Graffiti-themed (a George Lucas film set in 1962) cocktail reception and swooned over the 80 vintage convertibles set up like a drive-in theater for the viewing of Lagerfeld’s short film The Return.  Anna Wintour, Lagergfeld and Andre Leon Talley all sat together in a car so that people could come up and get a photo op.  It was all very civilized.  There were bleachers set up behind the cars and the whole thing made me so nostalgic for my high school days that I wanted to find a straight guy to make out with me in back seat of one of the convertibles.  

After the film credits rolled we were herded in heels across the street to the runway portion of the evening.  Hot toddies were served to keep us warm on our journey.  The runway venue, where under other circumstances grown men rope cows and ride bulls, was strewn with hay. I suffer from hay fever, but i didn’t realize until then that I am allergic to actual hay. Dallas and I were seated in the nose bleed section with a bunch of Dallas (the city) types like Gene Jones, Charlotte Anderson, Ana Pettus and  Nancy and Richard Rogers.

I refer to my personal style as “Viking Warrior Diva”, so clothes that say “Big House on the Prairie” are probably not going to make it into my closet.  However, I am capable of evaluating and appreciating things that are not in keeping with my aesthetic. The show was incredibly beautiful and full of the extraordinary details that you would expect from the Metiers d’ Art collection.  Of course prairie skirts, elaborate fringed blouses, and ponchos were abundant but seemed to be more than just a cliche.  Dallas (my son) thought that the models were insanely hot.  The finale featured one of my favorite movie anthems  - the theme song from Once Upon a Time in the West (a great spaghetti western by Sergio Leone staring Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson) – and two models in elaborate white Native American headdresses which made a whole other group of people mad. 

The White Elephant Saloon is the sight of Fort Worth’s last gunfight in 1887 between Longhair Jim Courtright and Saloon owner Luke Short.  Lagerfeld meticulously recreated the historic spot for our post-show pleasure.  French people were having a great time riding the electric bull, dancing the two-step and drinking American beer. I tore into some Frito-Chili pie and bar-b-que. I did have a small altercation with Andre Leon Talley when I tried to get a pic with him.  He roared, “I AM TRYING TO HAVE A CONVERSATION HERE!”  Andre was formerly the Editor-At-Large at Vogue magazine and is now on reality TV.  Later, I happened to bump in to a couple of the Chanel models.  I asked them if they would mind following me to meet my son because he thought they were super hot.  They graciously complied.  Dallas (my son) almost passed out when I said, “Baby, look what I brought you — CHANEL MODELS!”  Who wouldn’t want to have their picture taken with Dallas in Dallas?  

Dallas Dillon with CHANEL models

Dallas and I had a good ol’ time hanging out with our friends Ana Pettus, Anna-Sophia Van Zweden, Jessica Nowitzki, Joyce Goss and our favorite local designer Nha Khahn.  Kristen Stewart was right behind us playing pool. I need my beauty rest and Dallas had to study for a geometry exam so we left while the party was still in full swing.  To my knowledge, nobody got into a gun fight.


About the author:

Heidi Dillon is an executive producer and parter at Los Angeles based television production company Morning Dew Pictures. She splits her time between her husband and son in Dallas and producing non-scripted television in Los Angeles.  In 2008 she founded the Dallas-based non-profit The Fashionistas and also has a M.F.A. from the University of Massachusetts.  Before moving to Dallas 20 years ago, Heidi showed her work extensively on the East Coast.


Tina Craig "BagSnob" getting ready to watch the film!

CHANEL takes over DALLAS, A Fashion Fantasy Week that will go down in history!

Karl Lagerfeld in Dallas December 2013

This week was like a movie here in Dallas. Everyone in our city had “Chanel Fever”  because Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour were here for the international fabulousness of the private Chanel Metiers d’Art pre-fall 2014 fashion show at Fair Park in Dallas. Everyone wanted to go but only select few were able to attend.

The whole set up production for the show was a sight to see! It took hundreds of talented people only a few days to create this magnificent rustic Texas themed event. SWAGG was fortunate to get an early inside look behind the scenes. Here is a closer look at the events of this magical fashion week in Dallas.

Approximately 900 celebrities and guests were in attendance — actresses Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Lauren Hutton, First lady of the Dallas Cowboys Gene Jones, art collectors Howard and Cindy Rachofsky, Fashionista Dallas founder Heidi Dillon, Forty Five Ten retailer Brian Bolke, art dealer James Cope, socialite Nancy Rogers, Dallas fashion designer Nha Khanh, and this year’s Two x Two chair, Christen Wilson.

Guest were welcomed to Dallas with a hand delivered invites that Chanel artistic director Karl Lagerfeld drew himself as well as other goodies.


There was a private dinner for guests that traveled from afar as well as a kickoff cocktail party at The Dallas Contemporary for all the other guests. It was great fun mingling with our new French friends and welcoming them to our city.

With my best @Ana Pettus at the Chanel party. #chaneldallas. ~ Heidi Dillon

The show kicked off with rows of vintage American convertibles parked for a Chanel drive-in movie. Ice cream and popcorn stands included. Karl Lagerfeld arrived at the show with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and former Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley. A screening of the short film “The Return” was shown to kick off the night of fashion. The guests then headed for the runway show which was transformed to a rodeo arena. The show was full of Western-inspired fashions.

“I love Dallas. I love Texans. They are the nicest of people,” Lagerfeld said. “Texas is wild, but I made it more romantic.”

Nha Khanh Dallas fashion designer made her own outfit in honor of the occasion “In spirit of Chanel, I will be wearing this white rose French corded lace piece to the show tonight.” – Nha Khanh #chaneldallas #frenchlace #nhakhanhatelier #nhakhanh

Dallas designer Nha Khanh sewing her outfit for the occasion!

Designer Nha Khanh in the creation she made especially for the Chanel Show! #chaneldallas

"I was at the after party sitting at the table with André Leon Talley and Sam Saladino of Neiman Marcus when Anna Wintour walked up to talk with Andre. And as she was leaving I asked for a quick photo. And she said sure." ~ Kory Williams


Dallas played an important role in Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s career. Retailer Stanley Marcus embraced the designer’s debut collection in 1954, after a 15-year hiatus. In 1957, he gave her Neiman Marcus’ Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion, in a ceremony at the Statler Hilton downtown.

Now in 2013 on Wednesday, the day after the show, Lagerfeld accepted the Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion, the same award that brought Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel to Dallas in 1957. Lagerfeld, who also won the award in 1980 for his work at Chloe, is the only person who’s been given the honor twice. Presented by no other than Anna Wintour. “Everything is bigger in Texas and Karl has finally found a place that thinks and acts on the epic scale that he does,” Vogue editor Anna Wintour said during the ceremony. “Nowhere is his grand vision more evident than in his legendary fashion shows.”


A great fashion week in Dallas and one that many of us will remember for a lifetime.

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CHANEL takes over FAIR PARK in Dallas Dec. 10th for it’s Métiers d’Art fashion show!

Finally! A press release from Chanel confirms the location for Karl Lagerfeld’s much-anticipated fashion show on December 10 as Dallas’ Fair Park, a “historical exhibition venue with art deco architecture, situated in the heart of the city.” The show will be prefaced with a film, The Return, about Gabrielle Chanel and the opening of her couture house in 1954. This will be a historical event in Dallas and is a private event  for their VIP guests only!

NIGHT at the Museum Gala 2013 & Margot Perot’s 80th Birthday! Now that was a PARTY!

SWAGG Magazine Founder Elizabeth Humphreys with Ross Perot ~ Nov. 13th 2013


SWAGG MAGAZINE was on the scene Friday night Nov. 15th, 2013 for the Night At The Museum  “First Journey around the Sun”-themed Gala at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Little did we know what the night held! The Museum was a buzz with guest wearing cocktail attire,  enjoying passed hors d’oeuvres  and sipping cocktails throughout the museum, on all five levels, but the night was young and we were in for a surprise!

The highlight of the night happened at the after party in the NexBank Solarium where DJ Lucy Wrubel was spinning an eclectic mix of tunes dressed in a white feathered vest. Everyone gathered here for the after party. The next thing we knew a server was bringing out a cake with candles. I was talking to Mrs. Margot Perot at the time. They brought her to the middle of the dance floor where everyone breaks out singing “Happy Birthday”, she looked at me and raised both hands and said, “I’m 80 TODAY”.

Margot Perot blowing out the candles on her 80th birthday cake.


We had no idea not only would we be celebrating one year of our wonderful museum but also celebrating Mrs. Perot’s 80th birthday with her!!  After this, Margot wanted everyone to hit the dance floor with her.

Margot Perot and Elizabeth Humphreys, SWAGG Magazine

Other highlights of the evening included live ice sculptors, Dr. Anthony Fiorillo, Perot Museum paleontologist and earth sciences curator, was on-hand with his team to show and discuss the juvenile Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum skull he and fellow Museum paleontologist Dr. Ron Tykoski discovered.

This year’s honorary chair was Lyda Hill. Presenting Sponsors were Lyda Hill, Margot and Ross Perot, and Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management was the Pre-Party Sponsor, Central Market  was the After-Party Sponsor, and Solarium in the Lobby was sponsored by NexBank.What a great night out in Dallas!

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Margots sister Nancy was in town for the occasion and some of her closest friends.


Dallas Cowboys Miles Austin III and Dez Bryant on the COVER of SWAGG Magazine

Dallas’ City Life Magazine


New Issue On Stands Now!

 “We always want magazines like yours to come out. Thanks to SWAGG Magazine for coming out to cover the Dallas Cowboys Luncheon, So great to see a magazine that covers sports events in a cool fun fashionable way”.  – Gina Roach


 INSIDE THIS ISSUE! What better way to kick off the season than having lunch with the Dallas Cowboys dressed in their best. Designer Ike Behar, who flew in for the luncheon, and Neiman Marcus fit the players and coaches in custom made shirts/ties and Armani dressed the award winners in custom made suits! This event raises money for the kids of Happy Hill Farm Academy Home. Check out Dallas Cowboys super stars Miles Austin and Dez Bryant on the cover. SWAG! Keeping up with the Cowboys cover theme, we have something for the ladies. Dallas Cowboys Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer, Charlotte Jones Anderson, invited us to the first Cowboys game of the season for the launch her new Cowboys themed collection for women, collaborating with designer Alina Villasante founder of Peace Love World who also flew in for the event.


 “We have SWAG so we definitely need to be

 in SWAGG Magazine.“ - Dallas Cowboys

 Orlando Scandrick and Will Allen


Talkin’ about Cool Jobs in our city, check out Fox 4′s Fiona Gorostiza’s article about her job and how she gets to do all sorts of awesome things we all dream about.  Contributing editor, Beth Ann Kaminkow encourages all of us to get outside and participate in all of the great things Dallas has to offer. From pools, to rooftops, to romantic dining al fresco…. checkout “Some Like It Hot”.


This is just a glimpse inside the new issue! You can order a copy today at or pick up an issue at several locations all over Dallas.

What burning questions are on your mind? If you’re a member of the media who wants to talk shop, just email us at We’re busy, but we’re never too busy for you.





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The Mavs tipoff their regular season at home TONIGHT vs. the Atlanta Hawks. Fans are encouraged to get to the arena early to take part in the excitement as the Mavs tipoff the 2013-14 season.


Broadcast Information: FOX Sports Southwest, ESPN 103.3 FM, 1270 AM (Spanish)

Early Arrival: Doors will open half an hour early, at 5:30 pm, for the October 30th home opener vs. Atlanta. Prior to the game, fans will be able to view the FOX Sports Southwest One-On-One with the Dallas Mavericks features.


Dollar Dogs and Sodas: Hot dogs and sodas will be available for $1 from 5:30 – 6:30 pm for fans arriving early.


Painted Fans Contest: Fans can paint their faces and/or bodies and come show their spirit on the AT&T Plaza for a chance to attend the game for FREE in the Sprite Slam Dunk Zone. Fans can sign-up with the Mavs Street Team one hour prior to tipoff on the AT&T South Plaza.

Giveaways: 15,000 Magnetic Schedules, courtesy of Ford

2,500 Gameface masks, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank

Mavs Express: The Dallas Mavericks will welcome 50 members of the West, TX EMT department to the game on the FOX Sports Southwest Mavs Express. The first responders will be accompanied by Mavs ManiAACs as well as the FOX Sports Southwest Girls, Kaime and Liddy. Mavs Express guests enjoy a round-trip ride to the game in luxury, free tickets to the game and a Mavs goody bag, compliments of FOX Sports Southwest and the Mavericks.


National Anthem: Shawn Belton

Pregame: Shawn Marion will address the fans prior to tipoff


Halftime: K9s in Flight, cutting edge, high flying acrobatic canines


Tickets: Great seats are still available for Wednesday’s home opener, along with the Saturday, November 2nd game vs. Memphis Grizzlies and Tuesday, November 5th game against the LA Lakers.  All three games tipoff at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased by calling 214-747-MAVS or at

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SWAGG MAG On the SCENE for Jerry Jones Induction into the NFF Leadership Hall of Fame Dinner at Omni Dallas!



This memorable evening started on the red carpet then proceeded to the cocktail area where guests could sip on cocktails, take pictures with Jerry, photo opps with the Vince Lombardi Trophies, and listen to beautiful live music while mingling amongst guests. Soon the Salvation Army Band came through playing in the cocktail lounge and led us to the dining room. Some of the guests included Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Darren Woodson, Jay Novacek, Ebby Halliday, Police Chief David Brown, John Madden to name a few.

On this night we celebrated the leadership qualities that have led Jerry Jones to a life of success on the field, in the boardroom and in the community! We learned so many great things about the life and legacy of Jerry Jones.

I’m sure many of you are wondering what was on the menu! So, here is it just for you…….And it was all fabulous!



Dinner is Served! Everything was totally perfect.

So many great speeches were given throughout the night and the event benefited the NFF’s “Football Matters To Me” campaign, a program that will highlight the value of football in the lives of many of our nation’s greatest leaders. Millions were raised at this event.

Here are a few more of the photos we took throughout the night! Enjoy and make sure you LIKE our page Also, follow us on

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Jay And Amy Novacek

Darren Woodson gave a great speech!

Snapped by SWAGG Mag cameras, Police Chief David Brown and wife Sgt. Cedonia Brown


Elizabeth Humphreys, SWAGG Magazine

The Omni Dallas was the location for this special event!


PhotographerJason Janik

Visitors will travel on an “anatomical safari” exploring more than 100 plastinated specimens from goats and giraffes, bulls to birds, to octopuses and ostriches, when the Perot Museum of Nature and Science unveils ANIMAL INSIDE OUT, a BODY WORLDS Production, which opens to the public Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013, for a limited engagement. The Perot Museum’s first-ever traveling exhibition will be installed in the Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones Exhibition Hall, a 7,500 square foot, leading-edge exhibition space located on the Museum’s Lower Level. To receive the best value and to avoid long lines and sell outs, non-member visitors are strongly encouraged to buy bundled, timed-entry tickets for ANIMAL INSIDE OUT, which include general exhibit hall admission, online in advance


“The Perot Museum is thrilled that our very first traveling exhibition is ANIMAL INSIDE OUT,  developed by Dr. Gunther von Hagens, the inventor of Plastination and creator of the trailblazing BODY WORLDS exhibitions, and curator Dr. Angelina Whalley, creative and conceptual designer for BODY WORLDS,” said Nicole G. Small, CEO of the Perot Museum. “We think visitors are going to be wowed by what they see.”


ANIMAL INSIDE OUT will give visitors a unique opportunity to view animals from a rarely seen perspective, exploring the skeletons, muscles, organs, circulatory systems and more. Stripping away nature’s skin to the bare flesh and bones, ANIMAL INSIDE OUT brings together more than 100 plastinates including translucent slices, capillary specimens, organ configurations and full animal bodies displaying the intricate biology and physiology of some of the world’s most spectacular creatures. After a tour of venerable museums in Vienna, London and other historic venues in Europe, ANIMAL INSIDE OUT made its U.S. debut at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. The Perot Museum will be the second stop on the limited U.S. tour.


This is the second time a major BODY WORLDS exhibition has come to Dallas. In 2006-2007, the Museum of Nature & Science in Fair Park hosted “Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS: The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies,” which attracted more than 450,000 visitors. 


Visitors will go more than skin deep to see the body make up of some of the world’s most impressive animals. Highlights of the ANIMAL INSIDE OUT exhibition include standing up close to the world’s tallest mammal, a giraffe, that towers over guests; a magnificent bull, with its heart five times the size of a human’s; a reindeer, with its hooves that adapt to the changing seasons; and the rarely seen giant squid, with its huge eyes, designed for picking up light in the ocean depths.


“Instead of specimens as skeletons or taxidermies, Museum visitors are going to experience animals in a whole new way,” said Steve Hinkley, the Perot Museum’s vice president of programs.


Dr. Whalley adds that the process of Plastination, which removes the fluids from the body and replaces them with plastics that harden, allows guests to see the most incredible details of the body allowing ANIMAL INSIDE OUT to show animal anatomy with far more detail than any textbook.


“It’s fascinating to see the anatomical similarities between different animal groups, including humans,” said Dr. Whalley. “Animals are skin, flesh and bone, just like humans.”


ANIMAL INSIDE OUT explores skeletal foundations; muscles, tendons and ligaments; the internal circuit of the nervous system; the reproductive process; breathing and eating; and wildlife conservation and preservation.


GreenburgTraurig is underwriting a portion of the educational scholarships and Bank of America is sponsoring the preview events forANIMAL INSIDE OUT.


NOTE: The ANIMAL INSIDE OUT exhibition is open to guests of all ages. A few exhibit panels briefly discuss animal reproduction. To ensure an enriching experience for all, children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, parent, guardian or school chaperone.




Tickets to ANIMAL INSIDE OUT are timed entry and must accompany a timed-entry general exhibit hall ticket. 


Non-members can purchase best value, bundled, timed-entry ANIMAL INSIDE OUT/ Perot Museum general exhibits tickets for $27 for adults (18-64), $18 for children (2-11; under 2 are free), and $22 for youth (12-17) and seniors (65+).


Museum members receive free general exhibit hall admission and discounted admission for ANIMAL INSIDE OUT at $15 for adults, $11 for children and $13 for youth and seniors – including admission for member-only preview days Sept. 18-21.


To avoid long lines and sell outs all visitors are strongly encouraged to purchase advanced tickets at

MUSEUM GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET PRICES (which alone DO NOT include admission to ANIMAL INSIDE OUT) are $15 for adults (18-64), $12 for youth (12-17) and seniors (65+), and $10 for children (2-11). Admission to the theater is $5 (short film) and $8 (long film) for adults, students, seniors and children. For members, general exhibit hall admission is always free, and admission to the theater is $5 (short film) and $6 (long film).


HOURS. Regular museum hours for general admission and the traveling exhibitions are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sundays from noon-5 p.m. Please check for special holidays, extended hours and unexpected closings.


MEMBERSHIP. Charter Memberships (personal and gift) are $45 for students, $65 for individuals, $80 for dual memberships, $100 for Family, $160 for Family Plus, and $250 for Family Plus Platinum. Patron level memberships also are available for $350 and up. For details, call 214-756-5751 or go to


Member-only hours! From 8:30-10 a.m. every Saturday and 10 a.m.-noon every Sunday, members can enjoy exclusive pre-general public access to the Perot Museum. Plus check for special member late nights.

photographer Jason Janik

The Perot Museum is located at 2201 N. Field Street in Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit or call 214-428-5555.



SWAGG Magazine on the red carpet with JayZ, Jerry Jones and Lebron James

Next week Jerry Jones is being inducted into the National Football Foundation Leadership Hall of Fame at a star-studded event October 3 at the Omni Hotel.  It’s a big deal – Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes will emcee; T. Boone Pickens (a dinner co-chair with Archie Manning) will intro one of three videos; NBC Emmy Award-winning sportscaster Al Michaels, Sports Illustrated writer and NBC Sports commentator Peter King, Fox sportscaster Curt Menefee, and Dallas Cowboys broadcaster Brad Sham will share stories of Jerry during a panel discussion; and Troy Aikmanand Roger Staubach will speak as well! 

Other celebs walking the red carpet include  NFF Chairman and College Football Hall of Fame quarterback from Ole Miss Archie Manning, Arizona State and Dallas Cowboys All-Pro player Darren Woodson, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and many friends and family members.

The night also include several video tributes featuring rare footage, personal photos and recollections of Jones from his earliest childhood days to his on field exploits at Arkansas to his visionary ownership of the Dallas Cowboys.

Already, $1 million has been raised by Dallas leaders for the NFF’s Football Matters to Me campaign, an initiative that identifies college football players who went on to amazing accomplishments with football as a key catalyst to their achievements. The goal of the campaign is to generate a strong understanding of how the values learned through football translate to success later in life.

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Designer Alina Villasante & Dallas Cowboys Charlotte Jones Anderson sit down with SWAGG Magazine to give us an exclusive look inside Peace Love World!

Designer Alina Villasante and Dallas Cowboys Charlotte Jones Anderson - SWAGG MAGAZINE

Big WIN and Launch of Dallas COWBOYS Ladies Collection, Peace Love World! Great Way to Start the Season!

SWAGG Dallas’ city life Magazine was on the scene at the Dallas Cowboys opening day game at At&t Stadium for the launch of the Peace Love World clothing collaboration between creator/designer Alina Villasante and Dallas Cowboys Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones Anderson. They have joined forces to create an exclusive Dallas Cowboys and Peace Love World co-branded collection designed with the fashionable female fan in mind. We had the great opportunity to sit down with both Alina and Charlotte and discuss the new collection and hear how the collaboration all started!

The girls rockin' Peace Love World Collection

As you may know, Charlotte and some of her friends own LuxeLiner, a hip cool mobil fashion store. They were on a buying trip in California when they went in Alina’s store and fell in love with her merchandise. Charlotte had Alina on the next flight to Dallas to show her what the Dallas Cowboys and world of football are all about!

“Finding Alina and getting her to understand the passion

we have and seeing her passion, we bonded immediately.”

– Charlotte 

Alina does all of the designing herself. She says 44% of Dallas Cowboys fans are women and this collection gives them the opportunity to make a fashion statement and to be elegant, romantic, feminine and still represent their team.  She described the collection as flowy, comfortable, stylish and made with great cotton. “This collab brings together the winning positive side of the Dallas Cowboys with the soul and energy of Peace, Love World”

“We are confident proud women and we want to show style in our own way.” – Charlotte Jones Anderson.

Alina,  told us she is very honored and humbled to be a part of the collaboration. When asked what advice she would give to young aspiring designers, “No dream is to big, hard work and passion always pay off. Believe in yourself and be committed.”

We spoke with Charlotte about how she juggles being mom and a business women at the same time and she told us she wants to make sure her kids understand the value of hard work and as much that is given is expected. She stresses to them the need to contribute to the community. Her kids love and support what she does. Her daughter was there at the event and already has an interest in the fashion, cheerleading, football and the business side of it all. She also has two sons, one wants to grow up to be like DeMarcus Ware and the other one like his grandpa, Jerry Jones. 

“We’re taking a leap of faith on this project. If you believe in something and

have passion it’s bound to work!” – Charlotte

Sports, passion and fashion collide to bring you this new collection, Peace Love World. You can shop the collection at At&t Stadium.

if you love being around football, fashion, being around people and expressing yourself this collection is for you.  Both of them know it will be a great success and fans will love it and be excited and say “I AM COWBOYS”.


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peace love world launch at Dallas Cowboys game


Alina with Bill Priakos, President of Dallas Cowboys Merchandising

Alina, SWAGG Magazine publisher Elizabeth Humphreys & Charlotte Jones Anderson


Brett Daniels, Dallas Cowboys, celebrating the launch!

Immediately after our interview the ladies did their thing on the JumboTron!

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